Clancy Engineering was appointed to elaborate the General plan concept and Transport Scheme for the transport hub «Solnechnaya». The building of a commuter parking lot with commercial properties is located at the crossing of Borovskoe Shosse and Poputnaya Street, within the boundaries of the land plot with an area of 21,0 ha.

Borovskoe shosse and Poputnaya Ulitsa are considered to be busy streets with heavy traffic of cars and public transport. During the design process our specialists visited the site and calculated transport flows for various directions, which afterwards formed the basis of the future transport scheme.

The main aim of our work was comfortable and safe organization of transport flows:

  1. Organization of traffic movement for passenger cars (access to/exit from the commuter parking) to minimize the possibility of traffic jams at the entrance/exit from the parking to Borovskoe shosse;
  2. Elaboration of the most efficient delivery area with convenient access/exit of the cargo transport with minimum crossing with passenger cars and public transport.
  3. Organization of convenient and safe pedestrian paths;
  4. Organization of the bus stop.

The main difficulties in the course of the landscape design process was a complicated terrain with a large difference in elevations as well as a large number of underground and semi-underground MEP networks. Our engineers performed comprehensive calculations to provide standard slopes and the required distances to MEP services, executed cross sections of the existing and the designed site to analyze design solutions.

Terrain peculiarities allowed to arrange 2 levels of access to the building from Borovskoe shosse. The lower level — entrance to the underground parking, the upper level — two-lane driveway and the bus stop near one of the central entrances, which is also used for delivery trucks.

The final results of our works include a full set of design documentation:

  1. The first entrance/exit to the underground parking, meant for the needs of transport hub, is located from the side of Borovskoe shosse, arranged from the additional transport lane, used earlier as a special lane for public transport; the second access/exit is located from Borovskiy proezd. Additional exit is designed to the additional transport line to Poputnaya Street.
  2. Access to the delivery area is arranged from Borovskoe shosse from the lane meant for public transport only. Additional lane is organized in Borovskiy proezd and Poputnaya Street, as well as traffic lights at the crossing of Borovskoe shosse and Poputnaya Street. As a result, we excluded the possibility of traffic jams from cargo transport.
  3. To ensure safety and comfort for pedestrians we designed pavements with hard surface, which allow unrestricted movement of pedestrian, aboveground pedestrian crossings, underground pedestrian crossing from the opposite side of Borovskoe shosse.
  4. The bus stop was shifted from Borovskoe shosse to one of the central entrances to the shopping and entertainment areas, it is shown by means of road marking. 6 buses can be there at the same time creating no obstacles for other transport.

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