The private residence project was developed by the architects of the «Pagano» company (Italy), which specializes in creating premium residential buildings using half-timbered technology.

The structural parts of the building are manufactured at the factory and assembled into modules, and then transported to the construction site. Precious breeds are used in fit-out of the house.
The territory of this facility is a centuries-old pine forest on the banks of the Moscow River. 

The general plan of the site, including a reservoir, was developed in the individual project.


It was necessary to adapt Pagano solutions to the Client’s exceptional requirements for increased comfort and safety, as well as in accordance with the requirements of the of  Russia Federation design standards. It was necessary to ensure the autonomy of the facility systems (life support in terms of electricity, water, heat), 100% reservation of systems.

Pagano exceptional interior design requirements imposed additional difficulties - coordination of laying ducts, pipelines, cable trays inside Pagano structures.




The basement is made of monolithic structures. The first and second floors are made as wooden half-timbered house, which includes a large number of double-deck spaces, open unheated terraces. The facade mainly consists of panoramic glazing. The contour of the building forms courtyards around the centuries-old trees located on the site, preserved during construction

  • Main House with underground parking 4487 m2
  • House of staff with utility area and a shooting gallery 2451 m2
  • Guest house 356 m2
  • SPA House 415 m2
  • Garden-house 250 m2
  • Transformer box 120 m2
  • Checkpoint №1 50 m2
  • Checkpoint №2 50 m2
  • Garage for 13 parking slots 356 m2
  • Professional kitchen
  • Groups of bedrooms (including utility premises: wardrobes, sanitary conveniences)
  • Wellness unit with the pool
  • Kitchen
  • Public zones including: dining room, sitting rooms, activity rooms 
  • Cabinets and library on the second floor


Solutions for high level of comfort

  • Climate - independent maintenance of the set temperature and humidity in each of the premises of the building.
  • Water conditioning and purification - with various parameters for drinking, technical, food needs (for example, for cooking, coffee, other drinks)
  • Warm wood floors made of special woods, as a part of the Pagano design, are laid in most areas of the building and create increased comfort.


Advanced security solutions

  • Wireless Fire Alarm Systems
  • Video surveillance on the perimeter of the territory and the embankment of the Moscow River
  • Reservation of gas heat supply using backup diesel fuel for a boiler room
  • Power backup using a diesel-driven genset (DGU)
  • Reservation of the village water supply from a local well


Project stages

Engineering concept: Detailed engineering concept (equivalent to Stage “P”)

Clancy Engineering team gained invaluable experience working with the foreign manufacturer of luxury private houses Pagano and successfully adapted design solutions to Russian standards.

Clancy Engineering - Designing the Future!


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