Our team provided structural engineering services for the design of a new 70,000 m2 multilevel  car park to service the existing 140,000 m2 Mega Mall and its proposed extensions as the part of the landscape design.

The car park is a very necessary piece of infrastructure for the shopping centre which is one of the busiest in Moscow and regularly suffers congestion and lack of car spots.

The building was designed as a 5-storey reinforced concrete frame with a single basement level. The typical grid is 16.0 — 8.0m with 16.0m long precast hollow core slabs on 8m in-situ RC beams with certain exceptions. Stability to the building was provided by communication cores including circular vehicle ramps.

Due to the limited area, the design services for the improvement of the territory included the redesign of the existing road transport tunnel and the study of the movement of freight transport, involving the use of large spans over the communications zone. The project included large-span structures to create delivery spaces on the lower floors, as well as providing traffic through the car park.

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Project Information

70000 м2




    • Concept
    • Schematic design 


  • Blank Architects / RU / PL


  • Immauchan