«5 Ozyer» is a mixed-use shopping and entertainment centre in Dolgoe Ozero, St. Petersburg. It includes a restaurant, cafes, retail galleries, fitness, cinemas, a family entertainment park & indoor landscaping.

Our team was appointed to provide structural engineering services for the extension and redevelopment of the existing entertainment and shopping centre in Dolgoe Ozero district of St. Petersburg.

The existing four-storey RC frame building was originally designed as a shopping center with a fitness club and a single-level parking lot at the level of the underground floor and basement . The new architectural concept includes 7 new cinema halls at the top of the existing structure, new atrium openings and skylights in the existing RC slabs, filling-in existing large openings and providing a number of new staircases and extensions to the building, in total 60.000 m2.

The scope of works performed by our team:

  • Review of the project documentation and architectural concept and preparation of concept feasibility report.
  • Preparation of Technical Task for new geological investigations.
  • Preparation of Technical Task for structural investigation and assessment of existing piled foundations.
  • Preparation of Technical Task for structural analysis of existing RC frame for current and planned loading scenarios.
  • Elaboration of sketched Stage P for main structural solutions and the scope of works for new structures introduced in the architectural concept.
  • Preparation of Working Documentation for new extensions and new elements introduced within the existing building.

Comfortable conditions for both shopping and business are provided by modern engineering communications - a water supply and sewage system, heating and exhaust ventilation. The building is equipped with escalator groups and elevators. Security is guaranteed by modern security systems.

The play of light coming through the glass, spectacular and unusual details of the decor became the main architectural features of the building.

A panoramic glazed atrium of the entrance group not only attracts the attention of visitors, but also provides lots of natural light.

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Project Information

60000 м2




    • Concept 
    • Project Documentation
    • Expertise Support
    • Working Documentation


  • Blank Architects / RU / PL


  • Fort Group